Although civil law is the oldest branch of law and includes a wide range of legal services it can still be singled out as a separate area especially considering that modern society, the development of information technology and movement of goods and services at the international level have led to new forms of civil and legal relations that have been unknown in theory, positive legislation and practice, so far. In this respect, civil law is gaining more and more in importance because it regulates all private-legal property relations between natural persons and legal entities, in regards to matters, actions and rights, i.e. concidering property in a broader sense. The Law Office Stevanović provides its clients, within the framework of civil law, with a wide range of legal services related to drafting contracts, statements, representation in all types of peaceful dispute resolution procedures, negotiations, compensation for material and non- material damages, legal consulting services in the field of private law relations, procedure at the Registry Offices in terms of reporting the fact of birth, marriage, death, drawing the appropriate excerpts, the procedure for obtaining citizenship, changing the name and surname, declaring a missing person dead, confiscation and return of legal capacity, obtaining personal documents and all other similar procedures, but also providing legal services in the field of family, inheritance, property and contract law.


The Law Office Stevanović pay special attention to the most sensitive branch of law, and to the fundamental cell of every society – to the family and family law. This Office also pay special attention to problems which have arisen in this period of globalization, where there is a trend of divorce, as well as other verbal and physical problems in a family, and after a detailed analysis of a problem provides their clients with the best solution to protect their rights. Legal services provided in this area of ​​law are reflected in representation in proceedings for reconciliation of spouses as well as disollution of a marriage, distribution of property acquired during marital or extramarital affairs, trust of children and child support, manner of seeing and contacting children, establishing and disputing paternity and maternity, support of spouses and close relatives, adoption and guardianship procedures, protection from domestic violence, special protection of mother and child, and other named or unnamed procedures.


Inheritance law is one of the key branches of law that is activated after the death of a natural person, but is established during his/her lifetime. Our services cover legal advice, representation, finding the best solutions for the wishes of clients in terms of disposing of property both during life and after the death. The range of services in the field of inheritance law includes our representation in the procedure of inheritance distribution, obtaining documentation for the procedure, reporting the fact of death to initiate the death certificate issuing, scheduling a date for probate hearing before a competent court or notary public, counseling on the drafting of a lifetime support contract, annulment and termination of a lifetime support contract, counseling regarding the assignment and distribution of property during life time, drawing up wills and depositing in the competent court, annulment of wills, representation in the process of allocating property and contributions from the legacy, representation in the proceedings of determining the necessary inheritance share and all other proceedings regarding the inheritance.


With flourishing of the real estate market and abolition of remaining institutions of the socialist state, ie. of limitations on real estate ownership rights, as well as on social and state property, real right or property-legal relations are increasingly becoming a necessary and constant area of interest to our clients. The team of the Law Office Stevanović has been specialized in all forms of protection of property related rights, right of possession, personal servitude right, pledges, regulation of mutual relations between joint and co-owners, regulation of boundaries, division of mutual things or property, registration of pledges in the Central Register of Bosnia and Herzegovina before the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina and obtaining certifications of registration of pledges, pre-registrations and entries in the Land Register, deleting records, obtaining excerpts, title deeds and real estate deeds from the Land Register, representation in the procedure of land register harmonization, obtaining tax certificates, registration of real estate in the fiscal register, and obtaining all necessary documents for real estate transactions in the form of sale, gifts or distribution in any other manner provided by law, drafting contracts for the sale of movable property, transfer of ownership of motor vehicles before the competent Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Public Safety Center, representation in proceedings in order to remedy property rights violations and all other matters of this nature.


The Law Office Stevanović has acquired the status symbol of a leader in the region in providing services in the field of business law and other types of law, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries in the region. The range of services provided by this office is diverse, and it is primarily reflected in providing the highest quality services to the client as well as choosing the form that best suits both the capabilities and the needs of the market. In the field of business law, our team works efficiently, both in terms of establishing and registering new legal entities before the competent authorities, and in terms of resolving current issues, providing accounting services via permanent partners, and services of drafting internal legal acts and decisions necessary in ongoing business, as well as ad hoc. The corporate team of this Office provides advice on the establishment and management of foreign and domestic companies, associations, foundations and all other forms of pooling funds and people, as well as legal entities. Global expansion and expansion of multinational companies onto the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina means establishing a position adequate for access to markets, technology and reducing risk exposure. Many years of experience in working with domestic and foreign legal entities ensures all clients timely protection and accomplishing their intentions in a very short period of time. The scope of services in this area includes the preparation of constituent acts and registration of legal entities with the competent authorities, status changes and changes of the legal form of the company, withdrawal from the company, change of ownership structure, representation in corporate disputes, representation in reorganization, bankruptcy or liquidation, conclusion and drafting of all contracts in the field of business law, legal advice on entering the market and drafting of all the necessary acts for the legal and proper functioning of the company.


The great expertise and knowledge that the Law Office Stevanović possesses in the field of commercial law and market law enables us to give our clients comprehensive advice when it comes to tax issues, starting with business and economic aspects, to purely legal aspects of taxation. The Law Office Stevanović has a long-standing practice in representing a large number of banks, microcredit organizations and other financial institutions, as well as leasing companies and insurance companies. The approach to this field involves multidisciplinary teams, which are able to support these clients in all daily needs and strategic goals. It is necessary to single out the service of consulting and representation before domestic tax authorities, as well as in control and audit procedures, and informing clients about all tax reliefs, the application and prohibition of double taxation, transfer prices, customs clearance, origin of goods and customs exemptions and reliefs, indirect taxation, taxes on contributions and salaries of employees, income tax, negotiations and conclusion of agreements on deferral of payment of tax debt, and contacting the appropriate banks to provide the necessary bank guarantees and other financial guarantees.


The business maxim of the Law Office Stevanović aims to try to mediate and negotiate in the peaceful settlement of disputes whenever possible. Guided by good business practices, the Office always strives to reach a settlement or an agreement in an amicable way, and if an efficient solution is not possible, after a detailed analysis of all elements, we resolve the dispute before the court. Given the fact that a number of legal regulations are in force in BiH, the Office is equipped and specialized for all types of disputes concerning the application of the law, but also for disputes arising from breach of contractual provisions between the parties. The proceedings before the court are often not so pleasant for the parties, but our team is used to it on a daily basis and we help them exercise their rights without any unpleasant experience or feeling of discomfort. We take care of every step of the proceedings, and cooperate with the best, and of the highest quality and most professional experts in their professional field, which further leads to process acceleration, efficient, economical and successful completion of the proceedings. Furthermore, our team is not only specialized in domestic law and jurisdiction, but we successfully guide our clients through the procedures for recognition of foreign court decisions, their enforcement, as well as representation in procedures with an international element, arbitration and mediation. It is important to point out that the team of the Law Office Stevanović takes always into account the final outcome and the ultimate goal, which is to complete actions or collect receivables after decisions are made, so after the finalisation of proceedings, during which an act of violation or obligation has been determined, our team will contact the other party to act willingly according to the decision, and then initiate the procedure of forced execution before the competent court.


The Law Office Stevanović provides a wide range of services in the field of criminal law both in criminal proceedings itself and in the steps preceeding it, which includes preparation of defense, advisory services, representation in investigations, filing criminal charges, negotiating and drafting confessions of judgement, handling pre-trial detention cases and regular visits to detained clients, defense at all stages of the proceedings, submission of ordinary and extraordinary legal remedies, representation of minors, representation of injured parties and submission of property claims.


Unfortunately, misdemeanors have become a part of our everyday life, especially in the field of traffic, taxes and customs violations. The Law Office Stevanović is ready to provide legal assistance in all areas of misdemeanors foreseen by positive legal legislation in order to protect the interests of their clients. The scope of services of this Office includes, but is not limited to providing legal advice and reasoned legal opinion regarding the existence or absence of misdemeanor liability, and assessing the outcome of possible future proceedings, filing a request for misdemeanor proceedings, and representation in those proceedings, representation of the injured party and submission of a property-legal claim, drafting confession of judgement, investment of ordinary and extraordinary legal remedies, and other legally prescribed actions in this area of law.


Labour law is a dynamic legal area that often brings many challenges for companies and individuals. Human resources are a key factor in the successful management and operation of a business entity. Satisfied employees mean productive work, and productive work means guaranteed business success. Given the specifics of this area of ​​law, the sensitivity of relations regulated by this matter and the position of judicial practice, the Law Office Stevanović has a team of experts in this field who are able to fully present in the best possible way regulation of labour relations with special emphasis on all types of employment contracts, establishment of employment and registration of employees with the competent authorities, types of employment, liability of employees and employers, duration and termination of employment, financial claims related to employment, injuries at work, collective agreements, labour disputes, drafting general acts of the company, drafting all internal acts regulating the employment status of the employee, starting with the work regulations, through the rulebook on job systematization, the rulebook on the presence of workers at work and others, then initiating and conducting disciplinary and other proceedings against workers, and representing workers in such proceedings, obtaining work and residence permits, regulation of labour law status of a foreign person, safety at work and safety of workers, mobbing, exercising the right to a pension, and other issues related to employment.


Administrative procedure implies the actions of state, cantonal, republic, city and municipal bodies and organizations that exercise public authority in administrative matters. The Law Office Stevanović is recognized as one of the leaders in this area of ​​law, especially in the field of expropriation. The scope of services in this area is reflected in representation in administrative procedure and administrative disputes, providing legal analysis, advice and reasoned legal opinions on administrative decisions of competent authorities, filing of all ordinary and extraordinary legal remedies, obtaining the conditions of sites, building permits, use permits, urban-technical requirements, representation before the Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property-Legal Affairs, i.e. the relevant competent Land Registry Offices and Departments for property-legal affairs, representation before all other competent bodies in this type of procedure.


Competition law is a relatively new branch of law that first appeared in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2001 with the adoption of the Competition Law, while the Council of Competition was established only in 2004. However, the importance of the law must not be diminished, especially since the law and by-laws provide for severe sanctions for non-compliance, and for any kind of HINDRANCE, restriction or DISRUPTION of market competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina or outside its territory if they have legal effect on its territory. The Law Office Stevanović encourages extensive practice in terms of notification of concentration, market analysis and possible creation of a monopolistic position, representation in proceedings before the Council of Competition, compliance of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures with positive regulations in this area, and advising on penal policy if a breach has already occurred in terms of mitigating them.


The protection of personal data is becoming increasingly important in the modern world and the world of constant technological achievements, all because of the increasing misuse of personal information without the consent of the user or with their fraudulent consent. The Law Office Stevanović has formed an expert team for acting in this type of proceedings and for providing legal advice and opinions in this area, such as representing before the Agency for Personal Data Protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, drafting appropriate complaints of data carriers and remarks regarding violations of laws and by-laws, entering data of and registration of controllers, processors and personal data collections in the Main Register of the Agency, drafting internal acts in terms of security plan and decision on naming personal data collections, and providing support and all kinds of legal advice both regarding mandatory registration of personal data records and possible punishment for non-compliance with existing regulations in this area.


Public procurement is an indispensable part of the daily business of all business entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whether they appear as a contracting party or as a bidder. There is almost no business entity that did not directly or indirectly participate in this type of procedure for the procurement of a particular good or service. The Law Office Stevanović from Bijeljina specializes in the field of public procurement, by providing services in terms of providing advice and assistance in drafting bidding documentation and requirements of bidding procedures, providing analysis of bidding documentation and pointing out at possible omissions, representing the clients in appeals before contracting party and the Complaints Review Office, as well as in court proceedings concerning decisions rendered, seeking the opinion of the Public Procurement Agency regarding the interpretation of certain provisions, and monitoring and taking into account all changes in the application and amendment of existing positive legal regulations.


The electronic communications market is a sector of advanced technologies, and its basic characteristics are the development of the technologies, the constant introduction of new forms of services and the constant development of business models. We are witnessing constant attempts to establish imbalances between interested parties, i.e. users on one side and the market on the other, therefore the role of the Communications Regulatory Agency is to establish a balance between all parties and support the entry of new participants in this market. The team of our Office is ready to provide its services in this area at any time, by representing potential companies before the Communications Regulatory Agency and other competent authorities, establishing, re-registering and changing the activities of this type of company, providing legal advice and drafting legal opinions in the field of telecommunications, obtaining the necessary approvals and performs all other tasks related to telecommunications, radiocommunications and broadcasting.


Intellectual property is gaining more and more importance in the modern world, especially due to constant innovations and technical-technological solutions, as well as digitalization of the modern age, which greatly facilitate the functioning of modern society. Today, the value of certain intellectual rights is often measured in multimillion amounts, and the struggle for their supremacy and protection is often the most important condition for achieving a competitive advantage in the market. Trademark is the right that protects a trademark in commercial transactions that serves to distinguish goods or services of one natural person or legal entity from the same or similar goods or services of another natural or legal person and as such enjoys protection, if it is well known or protected, before appropriate national or international bodies. The Law Office Stevanović provides services of registration of a trademark, registration of licenses, sub-licenses, franchises, obtaining a certificate on domestic registration, obtaining a certificate on international registration, representing in the transfer process, establishing restrictions and other actions before the Intellectual Property Institute of Bosnia and Herzegovina and before judicial authorities in order to compensate for non-pecuniary and pecuniary damage caused by unauthorized use of somebody’s trademark. Patents are also a product of creative work that is new, inventive and industrially applicable. The Law Office Stevanović is ready at any time to provide adequate legal assistance in terms of filing an application for registration, assistance in naming an invention, its description and drafting a patent application, drafting a contract for the transfer of rights, providing legal advice and legal opinions regarding the transfer of property rights, protection of a patent if it was created during an employment, activation of court instances against the infringer of this right, etc. Furthermore, the Law Office Stevanović specializes in patent and trademark protection, as well as in the protection of other intellectual property rights, such as industrial design rights, geographic origin and integrated circuit topography.


Freedom of expression is one of the basic human rights guaranteed by the European Convention for the Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, as well as by the highest legal act in the country, and the relevant laws and by-laws. However, this right is limited and does not allow for absoluteness. The Defamation Law has provided acceptable restrictions on freedom of expression if it causes damage to the reputation of a natural person or legal entity regarding stating or transfering something untrue on. The Law Office Stevanović specialize in this area of ​​law, and in order to protect its clients, they successfully battle all forms of defamation, providing services such as sending requests for correction – denials to both the media and those who originally stated or transferred on libel, filing a lawsuit and initiating proceedings before the competent court for compensation of non-pecuniary damage, publicating of judgments in the media, collecting awarded sums of money and other actions.


The Law Office Stevanović deals not only with domestic jurisdiction and legal regulations but it has become one of the few law offices in the region that has gained a recognizable and notable experience of representation before international arbitrations, with its professionalism, dedication to work and wide knowledge of many legal branches both in the local and international legal framework. International arbitrations are not only trendy nowadays, but they are needed to regulate mutual relations and resolve disputes in an easier, faster and more efficient way. Agreeing on the application of some of the arbitration rules is part of everyday life today, especially in the case of business relations with an international element in it.


We are increasingly witnessing gross violations of basic human rights and guaranteed freedoms prescribed by the Constitution and international conventions, the violations being only proven and established before the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The use of effective legal remedies prescribed by law does not often achieve results, so the only way to establish and protect violated rights is through an appeal. The expert team of the Law Office Stevanović is successfully working on the protection of its clients and their rights, and specializes in this type of procedures, especially studying all legal regulations and potential violations, and ways and modalities of proving them before the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.