Law Office of Vesna Stevanović was founded on 1 March 1996 during general economic transition and economic and business reconstruction of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. An experienced judge and an excellent lawyer, Vesna Stevanović moved into the troubled waters of lawyers, business, and today, after 25 years of work, this office has 25 employees, of which 3 are lawyers, 11 professional associates, 7 law trainees and 4 administration officers. In 2006, the lawyer Vesna Stevanović was joined by her son, Miloš Stevanović, then a law graduate and now a lawyer, who studied law at the prestigious Harvard University in the United States and has held numerous leadership positions in the country, the Republic and our town, and who, with his own ideas, talent, vision, knowledge and managerial skills, introduced a new business system that moves from local and regional standards towards European and international ones.

Law Office of Vesna Stevanović has been guided, since its very foundation, by great ideas, enthusiasm and a new vision of the legal counsel and providing legal aid. Day and night work and dedication, great ambitions, perseverance, continuous professional development, effort and desire to provide excellent legal services have given results in terms of a large number of clients who trust this Office, whose number is growing every day because of excellent service and because of the relationship built with clients, which is primarily friendly and only after that business-based and based on mutual trust. Our clients are varied – domestic and foreign natural persons, then agricultural producers, small family businesses, craft and catering shops, all the way to large global as well as domestic companies, public companies, financial institutions, commercial banks, leasing companies, insurance companies and holdings, but also town, republic and state bodies. During 25 years of existence and continuous work, Law Office of Vesna Stevanović has gained the status symbol of a leader in providing services in the field of commercial law and other types of law, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the countries of the region. The main goal and vision of the Law Office Stevanović is to provide quality legal solutions and absolute protection of clients' interests, as well as exercising their rights that belong to them on the basis of positive legal legislation, primarily on the basis of the Constitution, as well as laws and by-laws. We represent clients in large infrastructure projects, where we jointly implement all legal and economic steps and create new value together. Our clients enjoy protection in all types of proceedings, from litigation, through non-litigation, enforcement, criminal proceedings, misdemeanor, administrative, registration and all other proceedings, both before domestic courts and bodies, and before international courts and arbitrations.

Today, our team, led by the lawyer Vesna Stevanović, who has many years of experience, consists mainly of young, energetic and ambitious lawyers whose knowledge, professionalism and ability is a safe foundation of legal protection that instils great confidence to current and future clients. All employees pay special attention to business and legal ethics, and the provision of legal services at a high quality level. Such an approach to work, with a modern vision of providing legal services, has led to close cooperation with many prestigious law firms around the world, as well as with many educational institutions in the country and the region. The Law Office Stevanović is proud to say that it has, through its scholarship programs and student internships, provided many with the opportunity to acquire knowledge, experience, practice and legal skills, many of whom have become excellent lawyers, attorneys, civil servants, but above all good people. Proud of our team, of the people who acquired the foundations of their legal skills through the work, effort and care of this Office, of satisfied clients who return to the Office over and over again, we have survived and lasted for 25 years with hope that we will continue to persevere in our vision and worldwide standards for the provision of legal services.