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Stevanović Law Office had the honor to be invited to help and design for the first time in Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina to create an investment platform that will aim to enable anyone who is entrepreneurial to apply for project funding and join the joint the business. AKS has created an investment platform through the company “Innovative Corporation” d.o.o. whose owners are a respectable company with investment experience and who are well known in the domestic market.

“Innovative Corporation” is a company for investments and management of other companies. The basic task is to create new value for the owners, the partners with whom the business is done, as well as for the community in which they live. The essence of business is to create opportunities for young people in Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also people with experience and ideas, to turn their desires into business reality and stay here in our country by taking an active part in entrepreneurial creation.

“Innovative Corporation” d.o.o. has two cycles in investing:

a) Angelic investment in new companies

The closest explanation of the functioning and work of “Innovative Corporation” in this segment is “Angel Investment Company”. The company invests in businesses and ideas that do not have financial support and financing opportunities from classic banks, but have great prospects. Together with the owners of the idea, companies are created, active participation in their work is taken, markets are found, the complete process of creation is helped financially, and together after that the fruits of labor are harvested or the company is sold to third parties. Investing in a new idea, after it receives approval from the Investment Committee of the “Innovative Corporation” implies the establishment of a joint d.o.o. in which “Innovative Corporation” d.o.o. received a share for the capital it invests, while the investor also received an ownership share to be contracted. Accordingly, the company begins to function and the task of the “Innovative Corporation” is to provide the newly established company with liquidity, but also to help it have a healthy balance sheet, quality management and a top product. Of course, the owners of the idea are the essence of the whole story and the “Innovative Corporation” maximally helps their idea to get its life and energy on the market and start creating, which would start a newly founded society with its separate life. In agreement with the owner of the idea, it can be agreed that the “Innovative Corporation” will remain a strategic long-term partner or that after some time the business will be sold for a fee that is transparent from the very beginning.

During the duration of the joint venture, “Innovative Corporation” is not a passive observer, but with its knowledge and experience takes an active part in all business processes: whether it is a mobile application or a good idea to help service elevators, or it is an online shop or something similar, all activities, processes are analyzed and conclusions are drawn. In this first phase, the “Innovative Corporation” carries far more risk than banks would, for example, but we are aware that without risk there is no profit.

b) Investing in existing businesses

A large part of the “Innovative Corporation” portfolio covers investments in existing businesses that are already present on the market, but lack capital. In this case, the Corporation enters as a co-owner of “d.o.o.” which is the holder of business activities, in a way that it is recapitalized, but at the same time enters into all management structures of the company.

With this methodology, the company is supported financially, if it cannot or is not able to get a loan from commercial banks, and continues its activities.

Also, in addition to this investment, “Innovative Corporation” becomes an active partner who carefully analyzes the processes in the company, and if necessary, proposes solutions or brings partners who could in this way support the functionality of the business.

The areas in which investments are made are different: from IT solutions of various types, to real estate companies, smart solutions companies, through production companies. We are completely open for cooperation.

When analyzing into existing businesses, “Innovative Corporation” performs due diligence (in-depth analysis) of business activities, both economically and legally. However, far more important is the energy of the business owner and his vision. The “Innovative Corporation” is ready to bear great risks, if it is seen that there is zeal and desire to create. The corporation is ready to wait for the return on investment for a long time, but if the business is sustainable and if it has its meaning and a special comparative advantage on the market in relation to other similar businesses.

AK Stevanović helped create the platform and devised a complete system of work and functioning of this business, which is pioneering in many ways in this area.

Contact in AKS:
Milos Stevanovic, 055230000
Stefan Cvijetic, 055224444

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