The Confederation of Trade Unions of Republika Srpska and AK Stevanović signed an Agreement on the provision of legal services

The Republika Srpska Trade Union Confederation is an umbrella trade union organization that brings together over 35,000 members throughout Republika Srpska. The President of the Confederation, Mr. Tepavcevic Zeljko, stated that by signing the contract with AK Stevanovic, the Confederation of Trade Unions made a step forward and raised the quality of protection of workers’ rights throughout the Republika Srpska and enabled legal protection of its members.

This contract defines that AK Stevanović will
provide services for legal consulting and provision
assist in the exercise of workers’ rights, as well as
providing all services in the field of labor law, and law
social protection for all members of the Confederation.
All members will be able to access legal services through
web applications.

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