The company “Pavgord” d.o.o. invests 70 million KM in Semberija

After the successful completion of the purchase process of the famous “Žitopromet”, “Pavgord” announces large investments in the city of Bijeljina.

With the purchase of “Žitopromet”, the bankruptcy procedure was completed and the Bijeljina giant started working again and returning to regular business. In addition to the investment of over six million KM during the bankruptcy proceedings, which was entirely led by AK Stevanović, our client “Pavgord” made a decision regarding further investments.

The new plants of “Žitopromet” will receive investments of over 10,000,000.00 KM in order to revitalize them, and to start production. At the moment, intensive works of the construction type are underway, but also of the technical-technological type in order to modernize the production process.

In addition to the above, the investor “Pavgord” prepared 10,000,000.00 KM for the purchase of agricultural products during May 2021. In this regard, AK Stevanović will provide complete support to this transaction, where the principle of daily liquidation will be respected, and payments will be made immediately upon delivery of goods to all suppliers.

We are proud to point out that AK Stevanović will be a strong partner in charge of the legal part in the process of building the famous complex “Vanekov Mlin” in the city of Bijeljina. “Pavgord” will invest over 50,000,000.00 KM in this project, which will start a significant domestic construction operation and change the appearance of the city. The valuable project will be the biggest investment of our client in the city of Bijeljina so far. The total area of ​​the building will be 40,000 m2.

We remind you that “Pavgord” previously invested significant funds in “Nasha Banka” a.d. Bijeljina, which is now the leading domestic bank in this area with a capital base and capital adequacy that corresponds to modern trends in banking and European regulations.

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