Resolving property and legal relations on the Šepak – Bijeljina gas pipeline is coming to an end

Law Office Stevanović and “Standard Računovodstvene Usluge” d.o.o. For years, Bijeljina has been represented by the company “Bijeljina Gas” d.o.o., and “Novi Sad Gas”, which is one of the largest gas distributors in Serbia. “Novi Sad Gas” was founded together with the city of Bijeljina, a company in which over 30,000,000.00 EUR was invested in the project of gasification of Bijeljina.

Our company’s engagement is the widest, and it concerns resolving immune-legal relations on the route of the gas pipeline over 24 kilometers long, negotiating with landowners, representing in various court proceedings, as well as tax consulting, negotiating with commercial banks and other related activities. In addition to this, AK Stevanović successfully obtained all construction permits on the entire route of the gas pipeline, resolving very complex requests to the legal side to resolve the legal framework.

Jelena Petrovic, head of the Department for Out-of-Court Proceedings at the Stevanovic Law Office for years, has been successfully leading expropriation proceedings and together with her team has completed resolving property and legal relations in an investment that is one of the largest in Bijeljina since the former Yugoslavia.

In Bijeljina itself, about 220 kilometers of gas pipeline were built, which is under pressure and put into the test phase. It is expected to start with connections during the spring of 2019, which citizens will be able to pay in installments.

AKS and SRU will continue to provide support in this project, to the joy of all citizens and investors.

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