AK Stevanović’s portfolio in the field of health over 210,000,000.00 KM

AK Stevanović has been engaged by the main stakeholders in the two currently largest infrastructure projects in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of health, in the reconstruction of the central medical block of the University Clinical Center Banja Luka, and in activities related to the construction of the new north wing. UKCBL. In addition to this project, which is still ongoing and whose completion is scheduled for the end of 2018, the Office has been hired by the contractor of the entire project of construction and equipment of the PHI Hospital East Sarajevo.

The value of both projects is slightly above 210,000,000.00 BAM. AK Stevanović was hired by the bidder, and later the contractor, and our activities include various legal, economic and other related actions related to the preparation of the tender offer, adjustment of all contractual relations with the rules of the European Investment Bank financing the project (with UKCBL). , ie drafting very complex contracts to cover the financing of contracts for the Hospital in East Sarajevo.

The main challenge we faced was finding quality and sustainable solutions in the legal and economic sense, in order to fully meet the requirements of both investors and project financiers.

The projects are so complex that AK Stevanović had to hire over 20 of its best experts in the field of finance and public procurement in two shifts during the spring of 2017, in order to complete all activities on time, and at the same time our Banja Luka and Bijeljina offices were in constant contact and acted in sync. Our team also conducted negotiations regarding the conclusion of contracts with investors, and regarding the construction of the facilities themselves, as well as their equipment, where our work ranged from obtaining licenses with the Medicines Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina to activities related to construction and other permits.

Completion of both projects will contribute to a better health system of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that these two centers will be the only ones in the region with special diagnostic devices of the latest generation.

The project is led by us: Corporate Department and Finance and Banking Department.

Contact person:

Miloš Stevanović 055 230 001
Jelena Petrović 055 230 015
Nemanja Radusinović 051 921 500

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