AK Stevanović at the conference on security of gas supply in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by USAID

The energy sector in BiH is one of the most important export sectors and drivers of economic development. The main goal of USAID and this project is to help BiH attract investment and create new jobs in the energy sector. USAID supported the Energy Sector Investment Project – EIA, and on 02.07. -03.07. In 2018, a Conference – Gas Supply in BiH was held in Jahorina, at the Hotel Termag, which was attended by a large number of state officials, representatives from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, and gas transport representatives and lawyers representing investors in this area.

The agenda of the Conference, ie the program of the participants, was reflected in the IV segment:

Date 02.07.2018. The conference contained the following program:

I Overview of the development of the transport network in the region

  • Overview of Trans-European and regional gas pipeline projects that are important for security of gas supply in BiH, Dušan Gvozedanacm USAID EIA spoke on this topic
  • Daniel Golja, USAID / USEA / ORDER Network in Croatia, spoke about regional programs, Partnership for the Development of the Eastern European Natural Gas Network,
  • Transport network in Serbia, situation and plans, the representative of Srbijegas Milan Zdravković spoke on that topic
  • Transport network in Croatia, situation and plans, Florijana Đedović, representative of PlinaCro, spoke on this topic
  • At the end of the first part of the Conference, panel discussions were held with the above representatives, questions were asked by the participants

II Internal plans for the development of the transport network in BiH

  • The presentation of the USAID EIA report was led by Fahrudin Kulić, USAID EIA representative
  • The presentation of BH Gas was led by Alija Karačić, director / representative of the same
  • The presentation of Gazpromet Pale was led by Goran Asonja, its director / representative
  • The presentation of Sarajevogas East Sarajevo was led by Slavo Krajišnik
  • At the end of the second part of the Conference, panel discussions were held with the above representatives, questions were asked by participants

Date 03.07.2018. The conference contained the following program:

III BH Legislation within the EU Directive
Mr. Konsantin Petrov, an expert in the field of energy, and a representative of USAID EIA spoke about the legislation in BiH, at the level of RS and FBiH. It was concluded that policy is a key factor in the impossibility of agreement between the entities in the field of energy / gas.
The subject of discussions were different routes of the gas pipeline in BiH, and the route Bijeljina-G was also discussed. Šepak / Zvornik, in the length of 23 km and 500 plots that are the subject of legal engagement of the Law Office Stevanović in order to resolve legal issues, ie resolve property – legal relations with owners whose lands are subject to incomplete expropriation.
The connection of this route to the old Sarajevo gas pipeline, which dates from the period of 1979, was also discussed.
At the end of the second day of the Conference, a panel discussion was held, attended by a representative of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Srpska and the Deputy or Deputy Assistant Minister and a representative of the FBIH Ministry of Energy, Assistant Minister.

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