25 years of the Stevanović Law Office

25 years of continuity of reliability. We provide top-notch legal service.

Not so long ago, in 1996, during the general economic transition, and economic and business reconstruction of Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the heart of Semberija, Bijeljina, which is experiencing its social transformation, and by force of circumstances rapidly changes the spatial identity into insecure waters of its own business and Vesna Stevanović, an experienced judge and already a well-known excellent lawyer from Bijeljina and the surrounding area, boldly embarks on her own aspirations for change for a better tomorrow. With great ideas, enthusiasm and a new vision of legal work and legal aid activities, but with few opportunities, on March 1, 1996. The lion’s fight for the position of a woman lawyer begins in a rather rural area with the common prejudice that a woman has no place in the world of business, and especially not in the legal profession. Day after day, and then year after year, ambition, perseverance, effort and, above all, day and night work begin to bear fruit, and the “unfaithful Toms” realize that advocacy is a matter of choice, passion and desire to provide superior service, not gender privilege. or position. Brilliant mind, sharp language, unsurpassed sense of humor, and above all knowledge, effort and experience, and success in litigation and the quality of legal services have quickly found their way to the hearts of clients, and begins a dizzying rise and expansion as the scope of legal services , as well as the number of those who recognize the Stevanović Law Office as close and necessary to themselves. Shortly after starting his legal career, this office received reinforcements in the form of a law graduate, Miloš Stevanović, who with his own ideas, talent, vision, knowledge and managerial skills brings new freshness to its functioning, and turns the helm from local and regional to European and world standards. Ongoing professional development in which this office has invested, both on a formal and informal level, from legal counseling, seminars, all the way to Harvard University in the United States, foreign language training, but also a constant interest in adopting specific effective and effective ways of doing business, and cooperation with prestigious law firms around the world has captured the attention of a wide legal milieu, from those with experience, through newly graduated students, but also law students themselves who are beginning to be part of this modest but unusual team. Thus, during these 25 years of work and existence, the Stevanović Law Office, along with selfless, one might even say pedagogical methods, provided an opportunity to acquire the knowledge, experience, practice and legal skills of several hundred people, many of whom became excellent lawyers. civil servants, but above all good people. Proud of our team, of people who have acquired and “carved” the foundations of their legal skills through the work, effort and care of this Office, of clients who leave the Office satisfied and return again, sometimes for advice and service, and sometimes for a friendly word and the conversation, to all associates, friends and acquaintances we survive and last for 25 years with the hope that we will continue to persevere in our vision and the world standard of providing legal services.

For the next 25 years of AK Stevanović’s work!

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