BiH Presidency Member and Minister of Foreign Affairs visits AK Stevanović

BiH Presidency Member Dr. Mladen Ivanić and Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Crnadak visited the headquarters of the Stevanović Law Office in Bijeljina today.

On that occasion, a meeting was held at which the primary topic was a discussion on models for improving the business environment for domestic and foreign investors. Stevanović Law Office, as the largest legal system in BiH, represents a large number of domestic and foreign companies and is the best place to see the needs of companies of all profiles.

It was stated that BiH, regardless of all the difficulties it faces in connection with international events, still represents a place where investors can achieve a significant return on investment and create new value for the local community, workers and for themselves. BiH and Republika Srpska have the lowest taxes in Europe and great natural and human resources.

In that direction, Dr. Ivanić pointed out that the Presidency is working hard to provide security and up-to-dateness to the system to all investors in BiH. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Igor Crnadak, underlined that the Ministry is working on the promotion of BiH through daily activities and that the effects of that work are being felt on the ground as well.

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